Easy way to Clean Mattresses

Easy way to Clean Mattresses

It is good to know how to clean mattresses considering the fact that the time you spend on it along with the dirt and dust that builds up on it. Not only does the mattress become home to those debilitating bugs but it might have to bear other dirt such as urine and sweat. If you do not take a bath before going to bed, the chances are that your mattress becomes exposed to various other chemicals, dirt, and oil that comes with the toiletries.

Instead of fretting over an unclean mattress, have a glimpse of some of the easiest ways to clean the mattresses:

  • Vacuum your mattress

When you vacuum the mattress, start from the top and gradually move to the bottom and do not forget to clean the sides in a similar manner. Scrubbing the mattress with baking soda can help it gel with the body oils and the moisture. Therefore, you have to vacuum it for the second time to ensure that it is completely free from the moisture and the body oils.

  • Removing the stains

This is an important aspect of all mattresses and they are almost always susceptible to stains. If your mattress looks terrible due to the stains, all that you need to do is to wash it with hydrogen peroxide or mild soap. However, the exact cleaning methods for specific stains may vary. For instance, you have to follow different methods for cleaning, blood, urine and sweat stains using the same cleaning materials.

  • Flipping the mattress

When it comes to spring mattresses, you have to flip it from one side to another to prevent it from sagging. Fortunately, you do not have to follow the same process for foam or latex mattresses.

  • Deodorizing the mattress

Your mattress can be smelly due to various reasons and you have to make real good efforts for removing those stains. Mix essential oils with baking soda and rub it on the fabric particularly on the areas that are smelly. Leave it for some time and then wash it with water.  Lavender or sandalwood oil can work wonders when it comes to deodorize mattresses.

The organized and easy cleaning methods are hygienic and allow you maintain your mattress in an effective manner making it last for years.

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