What You Need to Know About Buying a Car During COVID-19

While the uncertainty around pandemic continues, one still doesn’t know how Coronavirus will play out. Its a cause of global concern now. It has affected all the sectors in some way or another as the situation demands us to stay inside the home. It has exceptionally made things difficult for people and businesses, be it a large or small one.

In this scenario, buying a car might not be a great concern. However, few might need it as an alternative to public transport to be cautious, some might be eyeing it due to expiring lease and also dealers these days are offering enhanced services and assistance to its buyers.

Some tips that one can follow in the process of buying or leasing a car while maintaining social distancing are discussed below.

Firstly, do your online research. While the traditional form of a test drive is the best way of buying a car, there is no doubt in that. But, doing pre-research will help in narrowing the choice. You can do that by reading testimonials and watching reviews, getting familiar with features and configurations. The agenda of this, at this time, is crucial. This is important for maintaining social distancing, which means spending less time with dealers.

Secondly, confirm the availability and pricing of your pick by coordinating with customer care on call or email so as to know whether your pick is physically available in the store or not. Another thing that comes with this is when you show your pre-knowledge in place, you are less likely to be fooled and you end up getting good upfront price deals.

Thirdly, understanding the criticality of the situation, tour your car through a video call. There is no denial in the fact that physical engagement while buying a car is supremely important and effective. But, in this scenario, it is advisory to turn to technological boons. With video calls, you can tour your car from the comfort of your house. Connect with dealers through various platforms like FaceTime, Skype, WhatsApp or Facebook and take a tour of the car from home, safely.

Fourthly, ask for their safety procedure and protocols they are following to keep their customers safe from virus exposure. Whether your car will be well sanitised and how before delivering, how are you maintaining minimum touch to the steering wheel, driver seat or door handles to minimise spread through hands and all other scenarios that might spread the infection. It’s advisable to ask your dealers these questions before buying a car because if they are not following precautions, you are exposing yourself to risks of infection.

Lastly, settle for online payment and processes. You can apply online for loans or credits, which makes the process hassle-free and easy for dealers to take it up. Or, you can apply only with your bank for the same. Once you have this in place, dealers can come up with interesting interest rate for you to choose from. Here, make sure you ask about the delivery option also, how it will be done and whether it will be safe or not. As once the deal is closed, your dealer will deliver your car at your doorstep. If delivery is not an option, make sure you take an appointment with your dealer to pick your car in a non-peak hour.

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