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Get Your Digital Magazine Content to Attract Traffic

The foremost thing for a digital magazine to be traffic puller is to get discovered. Second most important aspect is the tailoring of the content to keep the readers attracted. There are a number of ways to achieve the same. Here are the most effective ploys to utilize your Digital Magazine’s content to pull traffic to your website –

  1. Advertise your content

It is the most tried and tested method to pull traffic on to your website. Promote the richness and diversity of the content of your digital magazine via advertising at different media including that of paid advertising services. Target the commercial intent keywords in the texts.

  1. Become Social through online media

Use social media to the best of your advantage. Share articles on social media platforms and be interactive there. Earn as many likes and followers as possible. Choose the social media platform as it serves your interest. For instance, use Twitter for snappy and short links, Facebook for targeted groups, Instagram and Pinterest for image heavy promotion etc.

  1. Vary content type and size

Mix your text content with multimedia like video and images. Also, vary the length of the textual content wherein intersperse the long articles with short and crisp write-ups. Mixing the content fosters the interest of a diverse set of readers.

  1. Guest Blogging

Invite guest bloggers to contribute to your digital magazine. Guest blogging greatly enhances the brand name and attracts traffic. But be careful to avoid low-quality write-ups and blogs with spammy links, they, in fact become highly counter-productive.

  1. Link Internally

Try to interlink different articles in your digital magazine. Internal linking enhances the richness of your digital magazine and thus ensures an effective SEO output. It provides the readers with a holistic idea about the subject matter and clicking the internal links increase your websites traffic manifold.

  1. Customize your digital magazine for different platforms

Design your digital magazine contents to be responsive to as diverse platforms as possible. While customizing the website, be sure to innovatively restructure the contents for different versions. For example, keep the text font shorter for mobile version while making the desktop version replete with full-scale articles. Also, add more high-quality multimedia to your mobile version. These evolutions of content generate great interest and thus increases traffic to your website.

  1. Build a sense of community

Try to build a sense of community associated with your digital magazine. The creation of a sense of a community gives a feeling of ownership towards the magazine and the development of an emotional bonding between the reader and the magazine. The involvement automatically translates into high traffic.

  1. Be responsive to the comments

Provide the readers with a space to communicate with you, give them the opportunity to comment on your content. Respond to the comments so that the reader clearly understands your concern about their voices. Be particular to moderate the comments so that the spams with irrelevant links are eliminated.

  1. Include interviews of industry leaders

Most of the industry leaders are open to give interviews. Email them and arrange for such interviews to be published in your digital magazine. People are eager to know about the industry leaders and interviews give great insight into them. So, publishing interviews results in higher number of visitors.

  1. Assign irresistible headers

The header of a write-up is the first thing one notice about it. A catchy yet revealing header attracts the readers to click on the link. Be specific to provide a short, crisp but defining header to your blogs.

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