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Top IB Schools in Delhi

In recent times, India has witnessed an emerging trend of children going abroad to pursue their higher studies. Indian students are cracking the entrance exams of reputable international universities and proving their exceptional competence. Not just that many have also made howling success in their careers and assumed eminent positions in different fields.

There are several reasons why education has witnessed such a paradigm shift. Firstly, studying abroad gives children an international exposure. They get an opportunity to explore a new country and its culture. Secondly, they get an education which is way different from their host country, eventually broadening their horizon of knowledge. Thirdly and most importantly having an international degree gives them an international edge in their bio-data when applying for a job.

Thus, many parents cherish a dream to send their children abroad for higher studies. A dream to make their children earn a graduation degree from a renowned international college or university. If you are one of those parents, it is important to give your children the right education from their very childhood.  It is important to develop the right attitude and aptitude in them to help excel in their future.

When it comes to preparing children for the university exams abroad, one curriculum that stands unparalleled is International Baccalaureate (IB). IB is an academically challenging curriculum that is regarded as the best pre-university courses in the world. Since the curriculum is globally recognized, the grades scored by the children are easily assessed by foreign universities.

Thus, in this blog, we will tell you the list of top IB schools in Delhi – NCR. The schools that can be a stepping stone for your children’s higher studies abroad.

Lancers International School

Located in Gurugram City, Lancers is a distinguished school that offers the IB Curriculum. The education here focuses on clearing every concept to the core. Thus, students develop an in-depth understanding of different topics. They develop a strong base for the college/ university competitive exams. Apart from that, the school’s philosophy focuses on developing the highest sense of responsibility among students for any task given to them. Children here are taught to become goal oriented and plan all their actions accordingly.

Apeejay School International

Located at the heart of the South Delhi, Apeejay School International is the comprehensive IB continuum school that provides a world-class education that focusses not only on cognitive development but social, emotional and physical well-being as well. Like other IB schools, Apeejay School International also provides the IB Curriculum. But what sets Apeejay apart from other IB schools is its 1:15 teacher-student ratio. Which means for every 15 children there is 1 teacher. This practice helps teachers to give individual attention to the children and help unlock their inner potential. The location of the school makes it well-connected with the entire National Capital Region (NCR).

Pathways World School

Pathways School Gurugram is another IB School that was established in 2010. The school believes that traditional education confines students to a limited range of knowledge and information. Thus, they aim to give students a broader, deeper, richer educational experience by incorporating different methods of teaching.

GD Goenka world school

G. D. Goenka World School is an IB School in Gurugram that has an exceptional infrastructure. The school seeks to blend the beautiful Indian cultural values with the latest teaching methods to make children stay connected to their roots. A world-class infrastructure along with highly qualified faculties and plethora of co-curricular activities enhance the learning experience of the children. The school aims to empower children to establish a successful career abroad and become global citizens.

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