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Why I changed my sugar brand

Admit striving to balance office, family and personal life, taking time off for your health is a challenging task. Most people are seen grasping the last straw when stricken by chronic disease. All the hard-earned money and long-cherished dreams to enjoy the life to fullest go in vain.

That is why for me, the logic goes simple that prevention is always better than cure. Which means, with adequate knowledge, most health issues are evitable.

It’s just about doing regular exercise and being a little more conscious about what you consume. While most of us would go an extra mile to retain good health, we all seem to be in blissful ignorance about what exactly could hamper our health. This is more prevalent in the contemporary scenario when the market is overwhelmed with products, all claiming to be of superior quality.

Who doesn’t consume sugar? From sipping the morning tea to our favourite desserts, life without sugar is unimaginable. But, as much as these sugar crystals gratify our taste buds, they can be equally be harmful. Most sugar available in the market is processed with Sulphur and other harmful chemicals. Interestingly, all of them are selling in the grab of either the brand name or appealing packets.

Completely bewildered by this scenario, I decided to do a self-research on this issue.

Interestingly, I stumbled upon a brand Trust Sugar, owned by Simbhaoli Sugars. They claim their sugar products to be completely free from Sulphur and other harmful chemicals. To make my research more extensive, I decided to meticulously analyses their track record, production processes and recognitions.

The points that are discovered are as follows-

  1. Established in 1933, Simbholi Sugars has 8 decades of experience and record of providing superlative sugar products to the customers.
  2. Owing to their superior quality in sugar products, they became the first sugar company in north India and only Second in India who have FSSC 22000:2011certification.
  3. Their world-class products and fine quality have rendered them with several national and international awards.
  4. Their sugar production method complies with the international quality norms.

All the aforementioned points strengthened my faith in this brand. Today, not just me, but my entire family uses sugar products by Simbholi Sugars.

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