5 Healthy Sugar-Free Dessert Recipes For Your Sugar Cravings

Going on a diet never means that you must entirely give up on your favorite desserts. It is a well-known fact that some of the sweetest feasts, like fresh fruits, contain all the natural sugar and cause no harm when consumed in moderation. Even if you love your sweet desserts, you need not sacrifice your favorites to remain fit and healthy.

All you require to do is to cut back on the white sugar and replace it with some natural sweeteners. According to a report from the American Heart Association, consuming more than 6 tablespoons of white sugar daily can have harmful effects on your health. This is t why nowadays, all your favorite desserts like creamy chocolate cake, apple pie, cookies, and ice-creams use a sugar substitute.

5 sugar-free and healthy dessert recipes

If you find yourself hesitating from ordering your favorite dessert, here are some of the healthy and sugar-free dessert recipes you can try at home.

  • Sugar-free Lemon Cake

If you think it is impossible to make a cake without sugar, then here’s a myth-buster. This sugar-free fresh lemon cake is a perfect substitute for a normal sugary cake. It is extremely easy to make and requires a sugar-free cake mix. You can also add fresh lemon zest and lemon juice topped with organic sugar-free strawberry juice to enhance the taste that you and your family will love eating.

  • Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin pie is regarded as the most favored dessert of the winter times. If you are not keen on adding sugar to your pie, you can make a sugar-free pumpkin pie at home that replaces sugar with harmless natural sweeteners like Truvia or Splenda.

  • Oatmeal fruit-filled cookies

Another amazing sugar-free dessert recipe is vegan oatmeal fruit-filled cookies. Instead of adding white sugar, you can add dried fruits along with banana syrup to make these cookies sweet. Adding fruits and banana syrup as a sweetener can make these cookies fat-free, low in calories, and very healthy.

  • Chocolate dipped strawberries

Chocolate dipped strawberries are another recipe for a sugar-free healthy dessert that you can easily try at home. You just need to find no-sugar chocolate chips melted in coconut oil. These sugar-free chocolate-dipped strawberries are one of the most healthy dessert options that you can feast on without fretting about those extra calories.

  • Keto chocolate cookies

If you thought a keto diet means never eating a chocolate dessert again, then you are mistaken. You can easily try making these sugar-free keto chocolate cookies that deliver the right amount of sweetness filled with the goodness of chocolate. These cookies can be made with almond flour, cocoa powder, and natural sugar-free fruit sweetener that tastes the same as normal chocolate cookies.

If you are planning to lose weight, then cutting out on your sugar intake surely helps. However, you must not immediately stop all your sugar intake. Making small changes in your diet can easily lead you towards a more healthy path. Instead of completely cutting back on your sugar, you can try these healthy desserts and sugar-free recipes that can fulfill your sugar cravings more healthily and naturally.

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