The Art to Employ Creative Manners in Communication Speech Belonging to Digital Market Arena

“Creativity will be very important in any communication. I think it is very important to understand the different creative needs of different mediums. If you look at TV ads I believe that they require creativity on two fronts. One is that creativity is mining out a certain consumer insight so that the consumer feels connected with your message, with the situations that you are showing. The second area is how creative are you in communicating your message, how you dramatizing it. So there are two parts, the insight part and the dramatization part”, said Sumeet Narang, VP, and Marketing. Creativity is the art of employing newness and uniqueness to move forward with the changing and ever-growing modern era. Digital companies are in the hunt of brand-new creative idea and tools to outshine their online presence to attract their bunch of target customers. But with the passage of time things can turn out to be boring and ultimately take a nap in its resting or stagnant phase. Creativity is just like a salt to taste kind of an ingredient that adds taste to your ideas. Before putting forward a campaign idea to a brand or company, ask these three questions:

  • Is the idea is really interesting?
  • Is this idea will help push forward excitement and engagement?
  • Is this idea contains some relevance?


  • TRY TO MAKE IT INTERESTING: The basic idea to generate interest in your audience will require you to pop certain amount of curiosity into their minds. The topic must be of their interest and that has been around a while, it must be shaped and re-shaped in a way that makes it appear distinct and raise the general instinct for the viewers to draw their eyes on.
  • TRY TO ENTERTAIN AND ENGAGE THE AUDIENCE: To make the digital marketers get into direct contact with its potential customers with more readability and reachability. The brand can drive much engagement if it is able to speak out loud about its online presence. Social media offers wide variety of options where likes, comments, questions, queries, feedback, conversation all lead to one thing- conversion.

The probability of someone paying more attention to an idea that they haven’t heard of previously is much greater than if it’s a concept or idea they’ve seen over and over again. Influences and entertain the audience. 64% of marketers said that increasing audience engagement was crucial for their social marketing strategy. (Source)

  • TRY TO MAKE IT RELEVANT: A campaign will only touch the sky of success if it contains substance and relevant strength in the area of topic discussed by the digital marketers.

Relevance alone is the only pillar in making the building of thought-process develop and hit initiate the buyer to make a thoughtful and meaningful purchase. In fact, a study found that 71 percent of consumers are more likely to make a purchase based on social media reference.(Source)

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