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Rooftop Solar: Evolution of Power

In the tough times of COVID-19 pandemic where the whole world and its related sectors are experiencing a downfall, Power Generation is one of the main sectors that got crashed. Due to this contemporary downfall, different parts of the world are experiencing huge power cuts and the population is getting charged at a very exorbitant rate for a single unit of power. Hence, contracting the power affordability factor, causing Global power shortage. These types of problems can be resolved by the usage of renewable energy in the form of “Solar power”. Rooftop solar panels with its simplistic and universal approach help in transforming sun rays accumulation energy into solar energy. Solar panels consist of photovoltaic cells that generate electricity by absorbing sunlight resulting in the creation of DC (Direct current) converts sunlight into a usable form of power and get stored in a solar inverter for further use.

How rooftop solar are saving your money?

A typical solar panel of 270 watts costs around Rs 10,000 can produce 17,280 units of electricity during its life-span of 20 years. Whereas in a country like India where the average cost for a unit of electricity is Rs 3.70, for 17,280 units of electricity it will cost around Rs 65,000 without including power rate inflation happens every year. Installing high capacity Solar panels can increase your savings and today even governments are providing solar panels with huge subsidies resulting in more savings and enhancing the affordability factor as far as power is concerned. Many solar panel manufacturing companies are now making their installation process more efficient by making it free of cost and are providing free maintenance for 10 years. Hence, encouraging green technology by executing in the right path.

Advantages of rooftop solar over others:

  1. No exploitation of natural resources:

In the process of power production, thermal power plants are the major water guzzlers, where 36,000 million litres of water got consumed daily by these thermal power plants resulting in lots and lots of pollution. Whereas, solar panels do not exploit any of the resources and just work on voltaic cells absorbing sunlight.

  1. Low maintenance:

Rooftop solar panels require low maintenance and with a basic battery check-up and with regular cleaning you are good to go.

  1. Reliable and consistent source:

Solar panels provide you more life, ensures consistent power supply as rising and setting up of the sun is extremely consistent and a universal thing.

  1. No Global warming:

Solar power is one of the most important solutions to this global warming crisis. Due to zero-emission of harmful greenhouse gases and carbon matter, solar panels proved themselves to be the best alternative source of power.

  1. Energy Security:

Energy security is always a concern for every country and with solar technology coming in, it is impossible for an individual to go and buy the sun and turn it into a monopoly. Hence it ensures energy independence and is free to use.

  1. Save billions and trillions of dollars:

Countries like China, United States, Japan, and Germany are saving billions and trillions of dollars by using solar power as their main source for power generation.

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