mag+ is an Adobe InDesign plugin

Benefits of InDesign Publishing Extensions

In today’s day, Adobe InDesign is the tool of choice for the majority of designers and publishers. The super user-friendly toolset and advanced layout options make it the best software to create complex layouts with ease. InDesign can be used to create anything from magazines, flyers, posters to books and e-books.

Although InDesign is considered a perfect bit of software there are certain areas where InDesign can be made more user-friendly and interactive using app publishing plugins or extensions.

What these plugins usually do is that they give the designer the liberty to create user engaging, mobile and tablet friendly interactive files that can be published onto your devices as an app without the hassle to code or use any third-party software for the same. Your complete interactive app can be built within InDesign just with the help of a publishing extension that can be downloaded and added on to InDesign.

The various aspects where the plugin gives a user-friendly approach and helps create an interactive app are as follows:

Fully Customized Interactive Design

Installing a publishing plugin on your InDesign will help you create any kind of customizable interactive design that has different elements. With the help of the plugin, you will be able to concentrate on your creativity forgetting the limitations of InDesign. You will be able to create magazines and other content that would be much more user engaging with quirky add-ons that would not have been possible to create in InDesign alone or even if they were possible it took a whole lot of efforts and time of the designer to create them.

Video and Audio Support

For a long period of time until now, InDesign has been solely used for the purpose of producing print format content. Even if used digitally, you could only get a pdf format of your design and content that was too much on the static side rather than being dynamic. With the help of a publishing plugin, you now have the ability to add even videos and audios to create interactive pdf. Imagine wanting to do your house chores and simultaneously read your favorite article. With the help of audio support, the contents of a magazine can also be read out to you. You can also watch videos related to the article within the pdf itself if that’s not the future then what is.

 Full Embedded HTML Support

With InDesign, you could only publish your content as HTML onto Adobe’s servers where the content could not be saved, moved or modified, but with the help of publishing plugins, you can now have full embedded HTML support in InDesign.

Built-In Content Layers

The publishing plugin also helps you to access built-in interactive content layers where you can place your content in an interactive layer format with scrollable text, photos, videos, and other elements to give users an immersive experience while accessing the content that you have created.

There are a couple of app publishing extensions for Adobe InDesign out in the market amongst which mag+ has been a great option for designers and other InDesign users.  I prefer mag+ because of its user-friendliness and ease of access.  There are multiple template options to choose from or create an interactive design from scratch, best suited for mobiles and tablets with multiple orientation support. You can export a design onto any device as it supports almost every device out in the market. With the help of ‘Instant On Device Design Review’, you can actually take a look at what you are working on, directly on the mobile device so you can get an exact idea of how the design is looking on the mobile device. This gives you the freedom to review the design whenever you want to. You can even make an app of the content that you have created and get it published online to the major app stores without any hassles.

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