Best Sweeteners/Coffee Sugars for Your Cup of Coffee

On a personal note, a fresh hot cup of coffee is something that makes rolling out of bed bearable every morning.

Typically, we all add white sugar to coffee as a sweetener. However, there are many coffee sweeteners outside the world of white sugar, such as coffee sugar, stevia, honey, maple syrup, molasses, and much more.

Each sweetener has a unique taste and health benefits. Here are the top five best coffee sweeteners as per our research. Read on to know more!

Demerara Sugar – The Best Coffee Sugar for Your Taste Buds

Demerara Coffee Sugar is a light brown cane sugar with large crispy crystals and a tasty flavor of caramel. Like many sugars, it is made of pulped sugar cane, but it suffers only minimal processing, unlike other sugars. This means that it preserves more cane juices or molasses, eliminating the more processed and paler sugars.

It enhances the flavor of the coffee and, at the same time, increases the sweetness. Demerara coffee sugar is also versatile and can be used in various desserts, including biscuits, custard, kheer, and anything you want.

What we liked most about this sugar is that it has a soft toffee flavor that blends well with the coffee. Apart from sweetness, its unique flavor enhances the richness of the coffee.

Stevia – A Healthy Sweetener

Stevia as a coffee sweetener is a healthy alternative. It is a non-artificial sugar substitute made from plants and has the benefits of plant products.

Its appearance and function are like sugar, but its sweetness is about 300 times that of sugar, so a small amount in your coffee will suffice. Stevia has exactly 0 calories, and its effect on insulin response is almost imperceptible. This makes it the best choice for diabetics and those trying to reduce weight.

However, a con is that stevia is a bit bitter in taste. It is recommended to use fewer amounts of stevia to add to the coffee.

Maple Syrup – A Nutritious Sweetener

Maple syrup is another nutritious natural sugar substitute that tastes great in coffee. Again, it might take some time to get used to it because it is not a simple sugar, but if you like to add syrup to pancakes, you will like to add syrup to your coffee.

If you find a bottle of high-quality pure maple syrup, it will sweeten your coffee and increase nutrition in form. It is not as precious as honey, but it has many similar health benefits.

Honey – The Most Popular Sweetener

Honey is a popular sugar alternative used by many because of its health benefits.

Unlike sugar-free and calorie-free sweeteners, honey can provide trace amounts of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants; however, adding it to coffee will also increase sugar and calories and change the taste of beverages.

If you plan to add it to your coffee, note that adjusting to the taste might take some time.

Brown Sugar – A Complex Sweetener

Brown sugar has a different taste from white sugar. It contains molasses, so it has a richer taste. You can often taste the flavors caramel and molasses in different types of brown sugar.

Coffee with brown sugar might be an unpleasant experience for some. However, a brown sugar blended well with coffee tastes interesting. The flavor is earthy and more natural than regular white sugar.

Final Thoughts

Having sugar-free black coffee is in trend nowadays. But if you are a coffee connoisseur who is not yet ready for it, go for coffee sugars other than the regular white sugar such as brown sugar, xylitol, or G-low sugar.

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