simbhaoli sugars trustTM hand sanitizers review

Simbhaoli Sugars TrustTM Hand Sanitizers Review

In this hour of need when this virus has gripped most of the countries around the world, we are grateful to everyone who is doing their bit to help others and fight the virus effectively. As a regular customer of Trust Sugar products, I felt a pride within when I saw one of my favorite brands came up with something other than what they usually manufacture so that they too can help combat the virus. Instead of their regular produce of Sugar, Jaggery, and such stuff, the parent brand Simbhaoli Sugar started manufacturing Hand Sanitizers. The Trust Hand Sanitizer is one of the best available in the market and is made using #1 recommended formulation of WHO for hand hygiene. It also has 80% ethyl alcohol that is highest among most of the hand sanitizers available in the market. It is very strong and effectively kills all viruses and germs. But the best thing I like about the Trust Hand Sanitizer is that this sanitizer is actually gentle on hands but at the same time, it equally hard on the germs. Great job Trust Sugars for coming up with such a good product in this time of crisis.
Also, since that day I heard about the Trust Hand Sanitizer, I had little doubt on the product as I am very well aware of the credibility of the parent organization. With a track record of 8 decades, trustworthy products, and a reputable name, Simbhaoli Sugar is indeed one of the forerunners in the Indian market. My trust for the brand has increased manifold with this gesture of their’s as the Trust Hand Sanitizer is indeed a great product and will help us stay protected against germs and viruses.

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