Tips to painting walls

Tracing every detail of your walls, deciding its texture and colour is a process that starts even before one begins the process. Not just a fine paint but a fine painter also plays a crucial role in giving life to your dream house. Here are some pro tips to give it a fine, sleek and elegant look.

Clear all flaws:

Make sure you have a perfectly smooth surface so that you get perfectly painted walls in the end. Sanding the walls from the baseboard to the ceiling with a fine-grit sanding paper on a sanding pole. Sand or scrape any cracked or peeled areas, before you apply new primer and paint. It levels outs spackle or joint-compound patches and flattens ridges around nail holes, while also removing burrs and rough spots. Give your paint a clean and dust-free surface to stick to.

Invest in good applications:

A quality paintbrush can transform your house like never before. It gives excellent coverage so that you save on time and paint by re-application on loose bristles and rough finish.

Use primer:

Ensure proper adhesion of the paint to the substrate with a primer. Further, improve the final aesthetics of your finish with consistent colour and sheen level, to finally ensuring a long-lasting finish. Increase the longevity of your finish, along with other benefits with British Paints wall primer options.

Find the best company:

Easy it may sound but house painting is a tiresome task which involves many deliberations. Things get easy if you find a suitable and trustful company that takes responsibility. With many anecdotes in hand, the lineage of British Paints that goes back to 1947 with genesis in 1919 in Britain, it is likely the best company catering to the interior and exterior wall painting services. With many testimonials in the bag, they have always uplifted the bar of their services. Paint clots mixed with dirt by rain, overshadowing dullness of the winter season to strong rays of the sun fading the paint, does your season change with retouches? Put a stop to that woe with British Paints.

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