HTML5 cloud-based asset management system

Are you digitally equipped?

Today in this world of Data Science, there are more customers, more multimedia, more documentation, more touchpoints, more assets, more responsibility. To manage this much of data there is a strong need of an entity which can make data asset management a facile task. With Artificial Intelligence and data-driven insights, MPS provides you streamlined collaborative processes to help you with ensured enhanced Data Management.


Here is a list of tools.

1.DigiCore: Digicore is an asset repository system with ideation capabilities that provides you an automated system for your data management processes. Digicore Modules enables you to implement and practice various combinations leveraging your content production processes. Digicore comes with DigiXML for Multi-Format Transformation, DigiEdit For enhanced online editing, DigiComp for automated composition, DigiEnhance for content enhancement.

2.MPS Trak: MPS track with enhanced scalability and performance helps you with elevated data management and to work with Intuitive workflow which can be customized according to individual organization’s needs. This globally visible system increase transparency of this system ensures easier work collaboration within various stakeholders.

3.mag+: mag+ is an all in one brand management platform offering you an integrated asset management solution with hassle-free cross-platform digital publishing feature. This extremely customizable system enables you to create ground-breaking assets creatively and provides you with consulting and support services.

4.Think 360: This flexible end to end the cloud-based system elevates your content management process by its automated and streamlined behavior. Simplified accounting and analytics with additional 360-degree service promise provide you an enhanced consultation and support.

5.ScholarStor: This highly customizable system is an HTML5 cloud-based asset management system that allows you to work within multiple channels and platforms. With content hosting like feature it provides you a market-leading enterprise solution with better projections and elevated insights.

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