Safest Destinations For Solo Female Travelers

5 Safest Destinations For Solo Female Travelers

Traveling is not just about fun but revolves around the safety aspects for women that are keen to travel alone. While some destinations are beautiful and picturesque in the true sense of the term, they are not safe for solo female travelers. With the entire buzz that surrounds around the International Women’s Day, the world is still not a safe haven for the fair sex. Does this mean that women cannot travel alone or they need a safe hand or a companion to explore the globe? If you are one of those passionate travelers, you have got to take the opportunity of exploring a few places or destinations on the occasion of Women’s Day. To mark womanhood in the true sense of the term, nothing is better than traveling in various places that are considered safe for women.

Take a quick glance at these popular destinations and go off on a jaunt.

  1. Scandinavian Countries

Traveling to the Scandinavian countries is safe for solo travelers. Moreover, you get the opportunity of exploring Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, the three countries that comprise this region. The architectural grandeur that you come across in these cities is simply unmatched. In fact, Denmark and Norway have been rated as two of the happiest places on this earth.

  1. Thailand

Thailand is one of those exotic cities in which there is no dearth of activities. Besides the safety aspects, solo traveling seems boring often but not when you are in this city in Southeast Asia. The unforgettable scenery of the mainland along with some of the most delectable dishes that are available on the street, this is a place to be in throughout the year.

  1. Canada

Although it is cold in Canada during March and you may have to pack a lot of woolen clothes when you travel to this destination at this time of the year when the International Women’s Day is celebrated around the globe. The breathtaking beauty of the Canadian landscapes will sweep you away along with the over-friendly and sweet-natured people of this country that makes this destination reputed and beautiful.

  1. New Zealand

This is one of those countries that have earned acclaim for beautiful landscapes and anyway safe for solo women travelers. You will find it pleasurable to explore the fiords, glaciers and beaches that surround this country.

  1. Ireland

You must have heard a lot about the famous Irish coffee but one of the best places to visit is Emerald Isle. If you are in a mood to relax, grab your sandwich and beer at a local pub or roam around this place that has plenty to offer in terms of beauty and leaves you feeling happy and satisfied.

Taking a solo trip is no longer a man’s world as women in the modern day world have the courage and brevity to travel to several destinations that are located in different parts of the world. Whether it is a trip on the cruise for exploring the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea  or the beauty of the island of Bali, traveling to these places marks the true celebration of Women’s Day and the courage of today’s women.


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